The Limits of Thinking and the Vision Beyond



There are growing numbers of people deeply disenchanted with the regimented lifestyle we seem (to have been*) obliged to live, up to now, and who are looking for meaningful alternatives – something more vitalising, a way of life that is beyond continuous conflict and that provides nourishment, healing, actual resolution.

These are magical, yet challenging times of deep transformation, challenging for some because of the uncertainty that change brings with it. I am 83 years of age but could not possibly contemplate physical death as yet, there is so much to be accomplished, so much to play a part in, so much to participate in, in the progressive and ongoing breakdown of the old society, the old stagnant structures (status quo), being replaced by the regenerative manifestations of this new age of spirituality – the Aquarian age. Ideally, something we all need to play a part in, if we will put aside all fears and quite simply TRUST in and participate in the LIFE PROCESS – letting things take their course! – more about this below living wholistically!

Basically, it is of the utmost urgency that we recognise that to maintain life on this planet it is necessary to go beyond living mechanistically – division, fragmentation, competition, corruption, deceit, confrontation, war, etc., to find actual wholeness – the actuality of everything in intimate interrelatedness, interdependence. The following article will explore this and maybe help find ‘the way’, beyond all ‘isms’.

Can thinking ever be the means to healing the dire state of the World?

A matter of profound urgency – for everyone.

A while ago I became aware of the need to more deeply explore ‘thinking’, in order to find basic resolution to the urgent multiple problems of current daily living, and the now critical state of the world. I have already touched on this in my articles on Relaxation and Meditation.

(These are magical, yet challenging times of deep transformation, challenging for some because of the uncertainty that change brings with it. I am 82 years of age but could not possibly contemplate physical death as yet, there is so much to be accomplished, so much to play a part in, so much to participate in, in the progressive and ongoing breakdown of the old society, the old stagnant structures, being replaced by the manifestations of this new age of spirituality – the Aquarian age. Ideally, something we all need to play a part in, if we will put aside all fears and quite simply TRUST in and participate in the LIFE PROCESS – letting things take their course! – more about this below).

*In view of the profound, world changing effects of the outdated, mechanistic way Coronavirus / Covid-19 has been presented and managed (which gives an entirely wrong message), I feel I need to review all that has been written below, many months previously, to bring it into the present context, and which will appear progressively.

As I first started to write this article it became apparent just what a vast and immensely important subject had been put before me – by Life.

I use the term ‘Life’ rather than ‘God’ because, to me, it feels more representative of the energy that is at the core of everything manifest, literally throughout the seeming vastness of the universe. And maybe a term more initially acceptable to people who have lost touch with the vital sacredness of the life force within themselves – and others.

But, I am realising, these writings, as with my own personal life, require updating unceasingly, such is the infinitely expansive, realm of Life into which, it would appear, we are moving (real-ising) – into which we must expand before we totally destroy both ourselves and the planet we depend on for our existence !! That is, if the core energy that is Life – natural law and those who administrate it – would ever allow us to stray that far!!!!!


Complexity, Diversity, Indivisibility, ‘What is’, Empathy, and how Wholeness enfolds all  …………. is all – therefore is the source of actual healing.

Thinking – the root of the problem.

We live in a world (that has*) fast been torn apart, solely as the result of thinking – how could that be? Thinking, and the mechanistic, un-alive, all-consuming images/structures, egos, it creates and maintains, is the one and only source of the utter and increasing chaos plaguing our world today.

Thinking can only ever conceive in terms of separateness, fragmentation, isolationism, narrow view, stagnant set-ness, out of which is born the all too familiar and consuming fear for oneself, which in turn appears to justify exclusive self-interest (buried in unconscious narcissism), competition, deceit, exploitation, corruption, control, aggression, conflict, desolation, and everlasting deep pain and sadness.

The kind of thinking I’m referring to is that which is actually indoctrinated, and ungrounded, unrooted, unconscious, obsessive, sterile. There was a time, centuries ago, when thinking was simply an instrument, used when necessary, not that which now constantly, obsessively controls, limits and distorts our perceptions of life.

Virtually every person alive will be subject to thoughts, and contorted scenarios, unconsciously created by thoughts, that possess/obsess, to varying degrees, every moment of every day. Thoughts, and the images they produce, give one a false sense of identity/ego upon which we’ve been taught to depend ( I am this, I am that, I am good, I am a failure, everyone’s against me, she should, ‘he shouldn’t speak to me like that – I, I, I, me, me, me – in fact, as already stated, aspects of Narcissism/control ). Most images are generally so very subtle that we are not conscious we are composed of them – until one (of them) is questioned and therefore exposed. Even then, the temptation is to justify, deny, defend or ignore, unaware of the limiting, long term damaging effects of so doing – on ourselves, our relationships, and the world of which we are supposed to be an intrinsic part.


It is of paramount importance to see that anything that is set, in outlook, opinion, belief, custom, doctrine, and which is adhered to (clung on to) for the sense of security it falsely represents, is therefore disconnected (alien) from the actual ever flowing, interwoven, unseparated energy of Life.

It has become very clear to me that every one of the trillions of thoughts thought in a day involves the creation of images (out of which we unconsciously make judgments, assumptions and comparisons), every one of which is intrusive, fragmentary and unwarranted. Thinking is trapped, and us with it – at least until we are willing to stand back and recognise this as fact. It cannot expand beyond its own limits – other than thinking it can !!!!

Consider the constant torrents of thoughts and words and their discordant, fragmentary images and energies, constantly being projected into Earth’s atmosphere by millions of people, all pulling in different directions – polarity …

in this state, cohesion will never be possible.

Additional to our own created images, which are no more real than Mickey Mouse projected on a cinema screen, we are subject to a never ending flood of images intentionally projected by the media, politics, corporations, orthodox medicine, advertising, etc. – all of which would have you believe they represent reality/actuality, but in fact is that which keeps you the imprisoned victim IF YOU BELIEVE THEM (including all the questionable propaganda regarding the erroneous idea that it is necessary to be ‘fighting against’ covid-19, and every other disease).

The soul destroying, mechanistic, industrialised world most have been, literally enslaved to – profit and power before all else – is the direct product of fragmentary thinking which if you give it sufficient focus you will see is pulling things ever farther apart – including the disgusting and dangerous scenario of the rich getting richer and the poor, poorer – at least for the time being!! And the poor are not just people, but the environment too our environment. An insane, ludicrous, unenlightened, immature approach to ‘living’ life. How could there possibly be a healthy quality of life under such a regime?

Recently I saw on a hoarding the words ‘image is everything’ (are we supposed to dispense with feelings and become automatons?) – this is the insidious means to control and brainwashing.


Meadow Flowers

Meadow Flowers

The White Rabbit in the story of Alice in Wonderland retorted “You’re nothing but a pack of cards”. Substitute ‘images’ for ‘cards’ and it appears to me that’s what the world is composed of, just mind projected images, conforming – or is it per-forming, like puppets – according to expectation. Nothing real at all, nothing original. How desperately sad is that!

Consider the word ‘vicarious’, meaning substitution, not the real thing. That is ‘thinking’ and the images so produced. Today we exist via machines/technology, with iPhones, iPads, computers, TV, radio, cinema, emails, twitter, magazines, newspapers, alcohol, drugs, – the perfect representation of superficial image controlled living – anything but connection with the real, the actual, interpersonal – in the moment. That is living vicariously – again, which is not living at all, it  is  just   dreaming  one’s  life  away!  We are so deeply programmed that the images feel real,

BUT, where is the ACTUALITY?…..  Or is it just PROJECTIONS?…..   Yes, it IS JUST PROJECTIONS!! ….  There is NO ACTUALITY.

The egos across the world, that are so desperate to be in control are JUST ILLUSIONS, and inevitably are fast fading away – just watch and see !!

Being led to believe we must put on a good image, NEVER be real – NEVER be open and vulnerable – for fear – consider how painful, sad and rejected that must feel to the ignored, real self within. Do you ever feel a deep sadness, the origin of which you cannot reach or explain?

Just STOP and be still for a while, and observe life, for yourself, as it is – actually. Be present, in the stillness of being – what do you actually sense, feel – this is the only way forward. This is the gateway to actuality/reality.


A prime example (of projected images) is competitive, divisive politics, one of the biggest exploitive con-tricks in the world, perpetrated upon and holding back a STILL as yet largely unquestioning, but increasingly angry and dissatisfied public, with incompetent politicians, who, incredibly, are not required to train and qualify for this immensely responsible job, (really more like some Ealing comedy film), trying desperately to keep up a façade of organisation and control, inevitably failing abysmally, evidently mostly being more obsessed with their own views and desires than actual humble and respectful, open-minded concern for the wellbeing of the whole nation, or union, they are supposed to be serving.

And the blame/hate game is high on the agenda for politics, a most irresponsible, immature, archaic, destructive practice, if ever there was one !!!! Most assuredly the current divisive political system has run its course – and desperately needs to be replaced by an actual cohesive, community process!

Serving the whole requires maturity, by way of a subtle, all-encompassing awareness, way beyond the capabilities of the little ordinary mind / ego.

In his book ‘People of the Lie’, Scott Peck writes, “Erich Fromm (author of ‘Escape from Freedom’) was acutely sensitive to this fact when he broadened the definition of necrophilia to include the desire of certain people to control others – to make them controllable, to foster their dependency, to discourage their capacity to think for themselves, to diminish their unpredictability and originality, to keep them in line”. With thanks to Eric Francis, Astrologer,

And, quote …”A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”– Edward R. Murrow, born on April 25 1908     With thanks to Eric Francis, Astrologer,

In these times of utter chaos but, thankfully, progressive breakdown, it is of the greatest importance that we, each one of us, learn to question from our own innate perspectives, everything served up to us, rather than be led like a flock of sheep, this way and that way, back and forth.

Question everything – research for yourself. It is always ‘the few’ (those with open minds) who lead change.

ACTUALLY – OUR LIVES ARE OUR RESPONSIBILITY, and we are responsible to each other ……………… what further breakdown and catastrophe has inevitably yet to come about (or is Covid-19 enough) that will finally open our eyes to this fact – and by that means arrive at a totally different perspective about what covid-19 actually is, beyond all the indoctrinated fear, aimed at control  ……… or, will it be too late ??

Quite simply, there is little threat IF you will take the responsibility of living healthily. THIS is how Nature works – but you have to take action for yourself, then things do actually ‘work out’. I would emphasize (in fact I would warn), there is no future for mankind without this.

Imagine the parts of your body having the same ego-based, divisive, opinionated, competitive attitudes as currently prevails in the world – how could it possibly survive?? It wouldn’t, it couldn’t, it doesn’t !!


It is imperative that we carefully observe ……… all of Nature, other than mankind, works in a cohesive, sustainable way, because it is egoless, and because of the rhythmic nature of Life, it involves perfect efficiency, in the recycling of everything – other names for which are ‘organics’, ‘synthesis’, ‘sustainability’!! But, mankind IS subject to the same rhythmic processes of Life, and by ignoring that, plays this increasingly, immeasurably dangerous and destructive game.

Let me just emphasize here – Life is oneness, all facets interrelated, interdependent, flowing without effort. This involves periodic breakdown and regeneration. Stem/interfere with this living process, out of sheer ignorance, like the sorcerer’s apprentice,  (e.g. ‘fighting against’ as in vaccinations and antibiotics), and Life will present ever more powerful, tsunami-like, devastating influences, such as viruses, to re-establish the flow – it is pointless to try and hold back or fight against Nature’s tide of process. And this has been established as scientific fact for decades. Even King Canute observed this hundreds of years ago!

And continuing with that theme …. see how, currently, the bigger the man-made structures (and its products, ALL of which are alien and damaging to the natural processes) the product of staid thinking, images, and more to the point, attempted self-gain and manipulation of power, 100% guaranteed to be born and maintained out of deep fear and insecurity, yet the more vulnerable they are actually becoming – and much less able to achieve their devious ambitions.

Almost daily, we see many such structures, institutions, increasingly unviable, crumbling into oblivion, or propped up for a time by governments, now totally unstable and increasingly impotent themselves, armaments, or other such self-interests unwilling or incapable of recognising the inevitable, intense global transformative energies we are experiencing. Because, yes, the planet too is a sacred living being, for which we should have the highest care, consideration and respect!!!

So, do you see, there is nothing in creation that is not subject to rhythmic flow, or process, which technology, born of thinking, will never master, and which makes it impossible to maintain any set structure (including structured belief) for more than a relatively short while.

However – whilst much of mankind might appear still to be lost and steeped in materialism, holding on for dear life, dismissing any importance of conscious connection with inner being – with increasing momentum things are changing (transforming), regardless. I will keep referring to this!

I would recommend watching one of the most exciting interviews I’ve come across recently, and confirming much of the foregoing :-   5 Q’s with Dr Zach Bush & Sacha Stone.  15,486 viewings in less than two weeks.

Due to the increasing fluidity of things, you will observe the new norm is ‘uncertainty’. It has been brought to my attention, with great emphasis – trying to project into the future, trying to create safe new structures based on old ways of doing, old concepts/images, simply cannot and will not work, in fact, is not working, anymore – in our personal lives, that of politics, commercialism, finance, medicine based on alien, synthetic (fragmented) drugs, etc., etc. See below ‘What is’.

The wise (mature in age, but increasingly also the young, e.g. Greta Thun, as we are now witnessing) see this and are already making deep adjustments in their lives, in their outlook and involvement, leaving behind divisiveness, working towards new localised community, comprising actual wholeness, integrity in daily life with each other. In any calamity, or pandemic, these are the survivors!

In reality, time now is for their/our true leadership – relatively, the few – that which humbly, subtly unites, not divides – and which is quietly proceeding. Humility has no need for ‘authority’ and conventional rules and regulations to maintain superiority and control over masses of people. True leadership is flowing, self-less – humble – and yes, subtle – yet not intimidated.

Humility has no need for ‘authority’ and conventional rules and regulations to maintain superiority and control over masses of people. True leadership is flowing, self-less – humble – and yes, subtle – yet not intimidated.

Humility, by its very nature, stems from the stillness within, therefore is consciously in touch with its spiritual roots – is about sensitive all-encompassing vision, empathy, wholeness – is complete, yet ever changing – profoundly confirming and inspiring.

Inspiring more and more people to recognise their own responsibility, and capacity, for quietly, humbly allowing themselves back into the cohesive process of Life, literally, the only means to regeneration on this planet. By its very nature, an immensely powerful and progressive step forward!

In fact, what I now see, as the coronavirus has been spreading, is a breakdown that will proceed unchecked, until mankind realises the abhorrence of self-orientation and division, and a new-found WILL from deep within, to come together, to discern how we may be the means to a new world community in deepest care and respect for LIFE, health and harmony.

As the American Indians have long been saying ‘we are the ONE (ONENESS) we have been waiting for’!

(Nevertheless, BEWARE of the wolves in sheep’s clothing – the rich, power hungry – avoid taking them at their face value – question everything.)

Be clear, the life that is passing is one of pure illusion, brought about by the guaranteed  limitedness and divisiveness of thinking – NOW, out of the stillness within, is the time to become REALITY – you might ponder this.


And there is a parallel here, with the unfailing nature and function of living herbs that we have long worked with. Blends, designed to serve the whole as well as the parts, very subtly orchestrate the sick, dismembered parts of the individual towards one of greater harmony.

As yet, generally speaking, health is not understood everything in creation is an interwoven, interdependent, rhythmic flowing process – herbs are that process, which support enlivenment, regeneration; drugs and anti-biotics block and devastate that process, inviting further degeneration and sickness.

And it must be continuously emphasized, actual health can never come about from ‘fighting against anything’ – including the corona virus. See, for yourself, the reality of this statement. Feel it in your own very gut.

(Listen to Dr Zach Bush on youtube, for new, REAL scientific perspectives on the fundamental and creative role of viruses – they are NOT the enemy). That is the programming of the minds that live in fear.

Quote –  ‘‘Fighting against’ is a suckers game’  Stephen Jenkinson on YouTube.

However, it should be noted, there are many so-called natural supplements, not naturally cohesive herbs, which do support one’s health to some extent but often cannot directly contribute to the actual healing process. But taken together with a herbal formulation, which contains those all essential, activating rhythmic essences, there is a powerful mutual enhancement of effect contributing towards symbiosis.

Maybe difficult to understand at first, but the current, now intensive, transformative times are working in the same way as the herbs, towards new levels of cohesion by first, essentially, breaking down all that is no longer sustainable, within and around us, just as in a compost heap – the reliably, eternal organic function of Nature/Life!! And viruses are implicated in this living destructive/creative process.

Be very clear, disruption, breakdown, chaos, is a necessary part of natural order, part of the rhythmic process of Life. Breakdown reliably precedes regeneration, in all departments of life, including the current political scene, here in Britain and across the world. If there was no disturbance and breakdown there would be no regeneration – do you see this? See more below, about ‘what is’.

Yet observe – in the autumn the leaves fall from the tree – to reveal the buds, already (all ready) in waiting for the promptings of the inevitable rhythmic regeneration of Life, come the Springtime.

Rest assured therefore – in parallel, at the same time as the wave of degeneration progresses on its way, there is quietly re-emerging into our consciousness – the subtle, the un-quantifiable, the un-analysable, the un-controllable, the flowing, yet immensely powerful qualities of which we are – to be realised in the stillness, deep within ourselves. Only this survives and flows on …………….

Inevitably, in the process of the constant updating of this article I have come to see, ever more clearly, that it is right from birth, we are, very subtly, programmed/indoctrinated into submitting to the way of thinking and image making, just like computers, that suits the, up to now, controlling culture we have been born into – stemming the capacity for spontaneous, wholesome, conscious connection with Life, numbing any original realisation and individuality – so as to conform, to given expectations. Hence, we have been controlled, fearful, unreal, un-alive – until now !

SEE – that the pressure to conform to given expectations of society, for many, is the means to feelings of failure, demoralisation, desperation, insecurity and resentment, and likely one of the main reasons for self-doubt, even self-harming and in the extreme, suicide. It suffocates and sterilises society, homogenising, robbing one of a sense of meaningfulness in life, maintaining daily life at the lowest mundane level – hence a multitude of problems such as depression and increasing crime. 

STOP ….……. and, in the stillness beyond thinking ……….. SEE how much pressure is put upon us, perhaps unconsciously, to act, to perform, the boring same as those around us, to be controlled, conforming to given expectations, fashions, and how quickly we can lose relationships, marriages, our health, and in some countries, even our lives, if we sufficiently disturb those insecure people in power, if we sufficiently disturb, what WAS, ‘the norm’ – what others are familiar with, what creates the illusion of safety, comfort – and acceptability. Sorry to keep repeating this. It is essential we deeply explore, sense, into these considerations – if we are to actually move on, beyond the illusory.

Yet the familiar IS crumbling away!! …………………………

‘In ancient times,

Before there were individuals,

There were no problems.

Then, the individuals turned this against that and problems arose.

Identification with a body is merely a habit, taught to the child early in its life.

Breaking the habit is like a chick breaking its shell.

What a wondrous world awaits.’  Wu Hsin. From the book ‘The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin’ translated by Roy Melvyn.

This gives further perspective to just how hugely challenging it is, what utter commitment is required, to respond to the vibrant LIFE within which would have us perceive beyond what is a depressing state of total beguiling illusion and delusion, where currently, most as yet are alien/outsiders to the subtle, cohesive involvement with the rest of Life – yet, which we are bound to return to, eventually – quite simply, there is no ducking out.

The next step – simply give up judgement, of yourself, of others, of situations – explore, and allow all the many facets of ‘what is’.

In spite of the inner ‘knowing’ of how things work, nevertheless, as an integral part of the oneness, I need to express my personal feelings of pain and empathy for the many across the world who are so challenged and in a state of disruption and pain at this time.


Swallowtail Chrysalid

         Swallowtail Chrysalid – Threshold!

Extract :– In anthropologyliminality (from the Latin word līmen, meaning “a threshold”) is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of a rite of passage, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the rite is complete. During a rite’s liminal stage, participants “stand at the threshold” between their previous way of structuring their identity, time, or community, and a new way, which completing the rite establishes.

The concept of liminality was first developed in the early twentieth century by folklorist Arnold van Gennep and later taken up by Victor TurnerMore recently, usage of the term has broadened to describe political and cultural change as well as rites. During liminal periods of all kinds, social hierarchies may be reversed or temporarily dissolved, continuity of tradition may become uncertain, and future outcomes once taken for granted may be thrown into doubt. The dissolution of order during liminality creates a fluid, malleable situation (as with the pupa) that enables new institutions and customs to become established. The term has also passed into popular usage and has been expanded to include liminoid experiences that are more relevant to post-industrial society.


(A while ago I sat in a café drinking my morning cappuccino, watching people come in and line up for their coffee and cake. I looked around the café at all the other people, sitting, eating, drinking. I watched people outside passing by. All the time I observed my mind, wanting to make judgments, comparisons, comments on these people – as if I had the right so to do! It took all my attention to remain still, in mind.)

Let’s be very clear, to move forward demands our willingness to progressively release our dependence on anything, other than Life itself – anything else is a diversion from the flowing wholeness of being, which if we persist in pursuing wastes a whole lifetime.

And, I would suggest, ‘getting back to normal’ after coronavirus is never going to happen, in fact MUST NOT happen. Lockdown has been a period for re-assessment of how we live on this planet – can you dare to literally ‘let go’ of expectation and projections for the future.

Transformation of consciousness simply occurs as we are prepared to flow within this vital process, consciously in the present moment – ‘letting things take their course’ – ‘letting things unfold’ – so becoming vibrant, individual interpretations/expressions/facets of Life ………

……. just as does, for example, the artist open her/him self to the flow of music being interpreted/expressed through their individual being …….

………….. utterly magical ……………………………. and transformative ………………..

……… and, I can see, there are now increasing numbers who are humbly, quietly submitting themselves to this ongoing, deeply revolutionary process – progressively leaving the ‘old stuff’ behind – returning home  (like the biblical prodigal Son)…………


…….. where there is – emerging PRESENCE ……… that which, out of the stillness within, is the guidance and inspiration of our every moment of daily living.

(I was in session with a client – she said she was not happy living in the house she and her husband occupy at this time. She said I don’t want to move too far from the kind of situation we presently live in though. I had a very direct response to this – ‘ah, I said, don’t project into the future, otherwise you limit what might be possible. When the time comes for you to find where next to move to, you may very well have a totally different feeling for what kind of environment you want to move to’.  Thank you she said, yes I do see that very clearly.)


Do you see – this is all about the urgent need to be observing and letting go of numbing, sterile, fixated thinking and the imprisoning scenarios they create and maintain. THEN, YOUR LIFE IS INCREDIBLY ENRICHED AND FLOWING, free of the former limitations created by thought and consequent fear and anxiety, and quite literally, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

A way for people holding on to opposing ideas – empathy/caring – is a gentle, powerful, potentially healing practice. Empathy/caring is about each patiently listening to the other, without judgement, without assumption, hopefully to find what each actually feels, what ‘place’ they are in – in order to realise new perspectives, and subsequently workable solutions to what had previously been seen as intractable situations – quite literally, the one and only responsible, mature way forward.

Notably, people involved in this kind of philosophy, I have come across the great works of J Krishnamurti (, Peter Kingsley (, and just recently Dr Zach Bush,, and those actively working for resolution between opposing sides, in the names of Charles Eisenstein ( and Dominic Barter ( See also, on YouTube, the works of Stephen Jenkinson and Rupert Spira.


“To believe that thoughts have power,

To believe that thoughts are true is the source of suffering.

The only power in thought is the power one assigns to it.

True knowledge is not derived from thought.It is derived from the inner wellspring that one is.”

 Wu Hsin. From the book ‘The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin’ translated by Roy Melvyn.


Resolving conflict – What d’you think?  Bringing together divergent parts. How? ‘Empathy‘? The ability and willingness to listen to and feel the other’s feelings and experiences, without movement of the ‘I’ (ego) judging, comparing, criticising, etc., – ‘stillness’. Just like meditation?

I’ve been reading a wonderful book by Martin Wells entitled ‘Sitting in the Stillness’ – so encouraging, so confirming. A highly recommended introduction to much needed stillness in this busy world. Martin writes ‘We each have story formed early on in life. The psychologist Adler called this ‘our guiding fiction’. We think of ourselves as inadequate, not good enough, unlovable, stupid, etc., and these fictional thoughts can drive our whole life. See these for what they are and realise you are not your story.  True intimacy is the absence of your role in your personal drama. Then there is no script, no set pattern of conversation… the words come without agenda or expectation.

This, in turn, invites a freedom in the other person or group. The usual roles are now less fixed … you being free of a role upsets the pattern and opens up new possibilities. What comes is in tune with the present moment – no longer informed by the past’.

Furthermore, a meditation exists to directly assist this process :-   Unifying Meditation with Ken Mellor.


Solutions – Indivisibility (un-disconnectedness!)

A few months after starting this article I awoke with a word, seemingly being thrust into my consciousness. That word was ‘indivisibility’. After a time of pondering I came to see indivisibility as representative of the actual, ceaseless flowing, intimate interwoven-ness of everything in manifestation – across all creation – such that nothing (no thing) in reality can be identified in separateness and even therefore, so-called exactness.

And ‘exactness’ cannot exist because that is DEATH – an end ….. and nothing (other than form) dies, it only transforms (like the process, egg, caterpillar, pupa, to butterfly) – which simply confirms there is no such thing as beginnings and endings, even from so-called ‘Big Bangs’, the phrase coined by some scientists, derived from the mechanistic (disconnected) view of things. But, all is continuous flow, without beginning, without end. How utterly breathtaking is that. Doesn’t that realisation utterly thrill you, and transform your vision of Life!! YOU are that ‘ever flowing’ – in reality ….

Everything is so much an intimate part of everything else – that even this statement fails to fully represent the actuality. As previously mentioned, everything is not ‘a part of’ – all IS ONE WHOLE, which so robs us of any separation or objective identification that, furthermore, in REALITY, (which is not what we THINK it is), in extension of the realisation there is no beginning and no end, neither can there be any separate north and south pole, no separate right from wrong, no black from white, no male from female, AND ….. not even them and us, etc., etc., etc. And, we are realising, duality in actuality, is yet another figment of our thinking, image making function – and is, without any shadow of doubt, an illusion. How does that all feel?

So then ………. judgement, criticism, blame, opposition, attack of any thing, or anyone – is judgement, criticism, blame, opposition, attack of the oneness, of oneself. How does THAT feel?

To further explore things – years ago a friend fell in love with the gentle voice of a receptionist he regularly spoke to on the phone.  Eventually he plucked up the courage to ask her out, but upon meeting her was so disappointed to find that she didn’t anywhere nearly measure up to the romantic IMAGE he had unconsciously created of her.

Can you see how every function of the senses – seeing, hearing, tasting, etc., is never free of thought, having reactions, creating images, ungrounded expectations, making objective judgements, having opinions – rather than, in the stillness, simply registering the actuality? Just observe yourself! Can you see how the reactions of mind and subsequent images must inevitably violently clash with each other, and actuality – and what utter chaos constantly ensues?

So, resist/fight, criticise, glorify (objectify), through thinking, anything and you enhance and energise it, into separation – a statement that signified for me, would you believe it, in watching a ‘Dr Who’ episode, whilst sitting with my then little son, one Saturday afternoon several decades ago.

Now – please read the following very carefully – take it in slowly and deeply. ……….

In actuality‘What is’ – is the only reality – (J. Krishnamurti).   If you will sufficiently ponder this, and what follows, you will realise this is one of the most profound statements ever made, in the history of mankind!!

It entirely does away with all of living controlled by the past – regrets, wants, desires to change situations (projections), assumptions, judgements, fears, defences, blaming, jealousy, confrontations, justifications, analyses, translations, etc., etc., etc.

IF ……… you will live with this – empathise – savour it – surrender to it – listen so deeply – conscious only via the senses – in the stillness of the moment – your life will be totally transformed – for ever. When, with no conscious effort, mind-less-ness is allowed (awareness) – the senses present only ‘what is’. ……….


THEN, in the stillness, there is the opportunity to receive living communication, guidance, inspiration, as never before – to be filled – enthralled – vibrating – with the dynamic, direct living energy of ‘what is’ (without labelling) – what new understanding it may bring to you, new perspectives, through whatever the senses convey, usually very subtly – so-called positive or negative – as in the visionary state,  breathing in the wonderful perfume of a flower, taking in the magnificence of a natural landscape, surrendering to the waves of a beautiful piece of music – sensing, feeling the atmosphere of a given location (without labelling) – becoming ALL of that – ONENESS – realising within the widest, all-embracing context – bringing new meaning, new direction into life!

Insect on Thistle Flower

Insect on Thistle Flower

‘What is’ is LIFE‘s direct, sacred communication with each one of us, and between each one of us! But remember – LIFE dwells deeply within (but is not a physical location that the mind can access or analyse).

Constantly being with ‘What is’ eventually releases one into a sense of infinite, yet vibrant calmness, awareness – beyond the need for being controlled by, reacting to, external actions and events – embracing ALL, without separation.

Along the way ……………… growing ‘Presence’ from within, clarifies, makes it possible to see, insists even  ………… thinking, and the images constantly produced, is not the reality of you. If you let it, thinking can rule, control, obsess your life, and deceive you into the belief IT is you ………….  IT is not you !!

The more conscious, aware, still, you become, the more you find you are able to observe the flow of thoughts – and LET THEM PASS – giving them no energy, no reaction, whatsoever………….. letting go, letting go, letting go…………  Seeing, ever more urgently – thinking, which is ever fragmentary, creates problems, only problems ………………. then, there is actual peace ……………. and healing …………. stay here awhile …………………….

Patiently living with, accepting ‘What is’, in the NOW, this moment, the everlasting now – in due course, finds resolution, healing, for everything!!

Put another way: Living consciously in the NOW reveals all – all of the past that is unresolved …………. and daily meditation very subtly facilitates the means by which healing may take place. It is vital that we see this.



Because understanding the process of harmonious personal relationships is so important, absolutely essential in the new world we are moving into, and especially important in children’s upbringing, here is a slightly more specific approach to ‘the now/what is’ – I find this so deeply moving – inspiring – confirming.   

As has been already stated, ‘What is’ is the only reality – actuality. And ‘What is’ can only be realised, connected with, in the subtle stillness of the moment, the now, the eternal now, beyond thinking, beyond ego (it is not a mental concept) – and, particularly in relationships, beyond any mento-emotional need for reaction, defensiveness, labelling, judgements, recriminations, discord, control. In reality there is only ever, ‘now’. ‘Now’ encompasses all – all there ever was, ever will be – the expansive, the bigger picture …

With great clarity, one eventually realises/sees ‘past’ and ‘future’ as simply structured illusions of the mind. In the stillness of the moment one empathises, listens, senses, with acute awareness.  Applied to relationships, empathy/compassion is the means by which we communicate and relate with each other in deepest care and respect, wherever they or we might be, in our state or stage of consciousness (what is) – no judgement – and IS the direct facilitator of healing (of past discords – within oneself and with others).

Within the all-pervading stillness, oneness, actuality, ‘what is’ – there is no sense/consciousness of the separative, fearful, little self/ego – no barriers, no limitations ……………………………..  

THEN, it is possible to recognise with absolute clarity – the present moment encompasses ALL – there IS nothing else – no past, no future – only NOW !  YET, what is unresolved from the past is held, awaiting resolution, and which can only take place in the everlasting NOW. 

And is this actually the ancient, secret means to real meditation, the oneness – beyond mind, beyond poses, beyond structured belief – accepting, attuning only with ………. ‘what is’ …….  in the NOW?


Yet more – possibly quite challenging – or perhaps that which brings incredible relief – and confirmation!

Therefore – SEE that ‘the fight against any disease’, amounts to civil war – one part of you against another part of you. Just as the divisive game of party politics ensures the same everlasting ‘merry go round’, utterly failing ever to contribute to cohesion in daily affairs!!! SEE what investment (especially in terms of financial and political gain – but nevertheless, borne out of abject FEAR and insecurity) is falsely put into propagating the idea of having to ‘fight against’ – as in the coronavirus episode!

Corona virus has come about to stop us in our tracks – and to ponder, and to listen – to let IT speak to us of the need to start living in a totally new way. We MUST move on …

Disease, and including physical pain, is NOT an intruder from outside (because, in reality, there is no outside – all is of the one source) – can’t be – is simply a part of you, in NEED of trans-forming, re-integrating, into wholeness – and this is incidentally an exact parallel to the bible story of the lost sheep which was searched for, found and returned to, reintegrated within the fold. NO-THING, NO ONE is ever rejected, nothing can exist apart, and nothing, and no one, can fail to have a responsible role to play in life – surpluses do not exist – other than in the imagination – the unreal.

Therefore, it is a fact that diseases like cancer are healable (known and practiced for thousands of years) – I know because I personally, amongst many others, have participated in the natural healing of cancer – within my own body! No radio-therapy, no chemo-therapy, no surgery, no intervention whatsoever – just a commitment to submitting to the ongoing movement/process towards greater wholeness, harmonising – incorporating herbs, gut enhancing products (see ION*Gut Health on our products page), natural diet and meditation/incubation – see more below !!

(Also, listen anytime on YouTube to my meditation – )

I have helped many people since first being involved with the co-creation of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre way back in 1979. I have also been involved with the natural healing of cancer in animals, particularly hundreds of dogs, which is infinitely easier to bring about, in view of the fact they don’t have the tendency to negativity and fear of the human mind to battle with.

What is so important to see, if ever oneness is to be realised on this planet, is that the urgent need for re-integration relates not only to you, and the health of your body and mind, but of all members of our society, also in international relationships, one nation with another, AND, all of mankind with Nature.

So – repeating yet again – we are in the process of being robbed of the fragmented world we thought was normality!!!  Robbed of the consuming idea/thought, out of fear, that to survive we need to be in control – instead being, ever so subtly, enticed into the stillness, recognising the wisdom of simply trusting in the flowing, interwoven process – of Life – which, in reality (the REAL reality), WE ARE. 

Fundamentally we are ONE COMMUNITY here on Earth.

Trust in Life, in the Life process, is of the essence, in these increasingly, seemingly uncertain times – there is nothing more urgent and important.

In reality we are Life, we are ‘the flowing’ – regularly ponder this, become aware, in the stillness of your being – beyond thinking. Only here is actual involvement in Life, in its entirety – only here, is the potential for powerful healing, a dissolving of all the discords – via the un-judgemental senses.

Then, without projection, being consciously present in the moment, one can realise, that which is seen as ‘global warming/climate change’, is fundamentally of a rhythmic movement – flowing throughout the cosmos, which if given serious consideration, makes the whole matter infinitely more urgent, more deadly serious. It cannot be a separate event, ‘to be changed’ …………….. rather, find the humility in the stillness of your being,  to let that rhythmic energy  subtly inform and change you . Re-member, you, and all else, are essential, indivisible and therefore responsible aspects of the whole! You are no more, and no less.

Only in the stillness of being, can another way of living, becoming part of actual solutions, eventually be perceived, to the colossal problems mankind’s divisive thinking process has brought about on this planet, including almost insurmountable global pollution. Piecemeal solutions, though positive and well meaning, are just that, piecemeal, they are not of the originating greater consciousness, wholeness, indivisibility.


“You can only listen when the mind is quiet, when the mind doesn’t react immediately, when there is an interval between your reaction and what is being said. Then in that interval there is a quietness, there is a silence in which alone there is a comprehension which is not intellectual understanding.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti.


And Diversity ?

Incredibly, Life is a constantly flowing, ever unfolding, rhythmic process, containing seemingly limitless diversity and potential, countless systems within systems, most of which is yet to be realised by mankind – but not via thinking!!

Nevertheless, although most are unconscious of it, fundamentally we too are a wide and diverse complex of interrelated and interdependent functions, physically, and more subtly, psychologically and spiritually. To be whole and truly, actually alive it is necessary for us to consciously function in all spheres, in wholeness, awareness of the greater picture – yet for countless centuries mankind has failed to realise this.

Again, further consider herbs and their inestimable value as a vital aspect of truest healing nourishment. Like your body, wild herbs comprise many interrelated and interdependent functions, within the greater eco-system, in service to the function and well-being of the whole, and involved with or as the result of these functions, are a complex of nutrients, all in perfect, yet ongoing natural harmony, one with another, and which, if consumed on a daily basis, nourish us in the most perfectly comprehensive and balanced of ways, far beyond anything man could ever create. Wholeness nourishing potential wholeness.

In these hugely discordant, polluted times, it is of the utmost value to recognise that appropriate compounds of herbs do not only serve the healing process but taken daily, help to protect and maintain health, and, where possible, support the transformational process. Certainly one of the most valuable and reliable forms of insurance available on this planet!

Personally I see a herb as a vast, vibrant, conscious, living universe of synergised movement, vibrant with (healing) potential, whilst I would see the constituents of any drug product, as a child robbed of most of its former component, essential natural family relationships, crippled, in need, sick and sad, and lost in a desert of disconnectedness and loneliness. What toxic, discordant, disruptive effect do these alien substances have on your body, your mind, your life, especially if taken long term?


Fundamental Solution – Meditation/ Incubation ………….. and Empathy!

This brings me back to what is the one source of all things manifest – LIFE.

Our little minds have been conditioned for centuries, to identify in separation, with good and bad – white and black – followers of one religion versus another, sadly, etc., etc. Yet we are coming to real-ise there is nothing that is not of the one source, therefore everything/everyone has a vital role to play. Would that that recognition came more swiftly to humanity – to save so much suffering and criminal waste of life.

The more we are able to let go of the consuming energy of fear and anxiety and ‘holding on for dear life’ the more swiftly and easily – and perfectly – things will unfold and proceed.

How can the mind accept and embrace all of this?………. It can’t ……… unless it has been brought to the place of such profound humility, where, in the stillness, fear of the unknown and the unknowable no longer exists – replaced by a subtle awareness – in the moment – via the senses; atmosphere – hearing the sounds of Nature – flowing water, wind, bird song, insects, children’s voices; smell – of perfumed flowers – the soil after rain, and taste, touch, sight. And in-sight – a life with infinitely more meaning and involvement, more passion!

Some two thousand five hundred years ago, in ancient Greece, meditation had another name – ‘incubation’. Meanings of words change over time, but in my experience, just like an incubating egg, the word ‘incubation’ speaks of the burgeoning, transforming Life Presence within – in the core stillness. Confusing maybe to the mechanical mind, nevertheless stillness encompasses, is at the core of flowing process.

In committing to daily incubation/meditation, of at least thirty minutes – and seeking to maintain conscious inner awareness throughout one’s day – simply, sensitively being aware of ‘what is’ – where one finds oneself – progressively one comes to see things from a fundamentally different perspective – becoming more complete, more aware of a self-less responsibility to and involvement with the greater whole.

Gradually the old fragmentary, egocentric thinking life, which has controlled the world for centuries, is being replaced by a new sense perceived world of, a new indivisible wholeness of being – wholeness, oneness, and with all being across creation, which is everything – and, is total security.

It is of the greatest urgency that we recognise our thoughts and actions all energetically influence our world, creatively or destructively. The world will move on as we each are prepared to humbly, sensitively, empathetically, surrender ourselves to the process of deep change – letting go of concern for the ‘little ME’, recognising the ‘greater me’, the greater picture, is the means to resolution of all of today’s needs.

Personally I can see that the point of no return (to the old ways) has passed. Can you sense this?

And we are the door through which we must pass …………. to reach the new world. It’s not ‘out there’!

As I see all old established structures breaking down, now ever more rapidly, I see parallel in the structured ice at the poles of planet Earth dissolving into the fluidity of flowing water.

What can that further give guidance to and precipitate …….  if not the urgent need for stuck opposites to become resolved, such as in British politics, particularly currently with reference to the ‘Brexit’ impasse (a challenge put before us by LIFE), but of course in every other department of life, both personal and of community. Again I would repeat, there are no actual separate sides/opposites, other than in the image making function of the programmed/conditioned mind. When the mind is actually still, then held oppositions cannot and do not exist. 

What we are faced with, therefore, is the necessity to see our individual needs and functions, in fact also our supposed individuality, not as separate, but only in the context of the whole. Whatever I do affects the whole, AND vice versa …….. and ever will be, no, ever IS. 

I would repeat, actual leadership is that which unites – out of humility – not of the narrow opinionated mind!!

IF, we are open enough, what kind of life will we realise, as we then flow with the unfolding consciousness within? Limitless rich diversity, of systems, movements, conscious interconnectedness with everything – the being of the universe … within the everlasting stillness …

… emerging Presence …

Notably, people involved in this kind of philosophy, I have come across the great works of J Krishnamurti (, Peter Kingsley (, and those actively working for resolution between opposing sides, in the names of Charles Eisenstein ( and Dominic Barter ( See also, on YouTube, the works of Stephen Jenkinson and Rupert Spira.

Having read this article, some may find it interesting but still not yet inspired/convinced to take the matter any further. For others this may be so moving, so confirming, and in view of the world being in deepest crisis, that they are now prepared to calmly commit into more conscious participation, ‘letting Life guide them into ever deeper involvement’ in the transformative process – coming home!

For anyone earnestly interested in the foregoing I would suggest you read and re-read it when feeling the need. It took me some years to be able to understand all that has been written – and, to be living it – as much as I am able.

But consider this – you ARE here to fulfil a purpose – NOW, and things will flow – delay, and inevitably, things will become more difficult, more disruptive, infinitely more chaotic.

Such is the profoundly releasing, healing influence on all levels, bodily, mentally and emotionally, of regular relaxation/incubation/meditation, and which involves the process of deepening consciousness/awareness, I am now prepared to offer regular exploration and relaxation classes locally. If interested, and for more details please contact me – Tel: 01364 644 684, email:

And in Decmber 2019 I put on to YouTube an introduction to and a meditation for daily use. A written copy of the introduction will be found on the articles page of this website – just type in ‘Michael Brookman Mindlessness’.

P.S. I’m not writing a blog as such but am most happy to receive correspondence via emails, to which I will endeavour to respond and be of help where requested.

P.P.S. Amazingly, yet not surprisingly, over the last few days (late January 2019) I have come to realise all that has been written so far, is merely an introduction, literally, to the bigger picture. The realisation comes with deep, almost physical, vibrant feeling. Mankind is on the very verge of what might be called ‘the greater picture’ – a vision – just around the corner. To discover more, one must BE – in the moment.

So what we are actually being led to is the realisation that we’ve come to the end of the road – as the beings we thought we were. We demonstrate to ourselves the amazing technological forms and systems we can create, exactly like the limitless pictures created in a kaleidoscope, which so fascinates and absorbs a child’s attention. But it has not taken us anywhere deeply meaningful.

So do you want to remain at this stage – stuck? Or DARE you accept it is time to move on – into the unknown, the (intellectually) unknowable? Dare you SEE, that we are at the end of this imaginary dream-world? Dare you accept that playing with all the clever toys we have created – has no future? That it is time to simply let go – of all the fancy kaleidoscopic images we are constantly creating, so called, to make a better world – when in many areas of living, division, constant conflict in relationship, war, brutality, rape, deceit, and the desperate political effort to maintain control, is getting worse, not better. 

Dare we let go of the fear of turning our attention from all things external to OUR within? Dare we recognise the stillness as the only reality? Dare we SEE that this is the only way to go? Can you see, this is the most powerful contribution you can make. As a being of the Oneness you then radiate stillness, by which all things flow in their own natural way. Not by projection, which is an effortful  function of thinking, but by simply letting go, letting things take their own course.

Of course, maintaining a balance between the responsibilities of living in this physical world, yet, all of that contained within the consciousness of the guiding wisdom from within.

To depart from a vast no-thing

To become a small some-thing, is the pinnacle of foolishness.

Living spontaneously leaves no time to think.

This is true living.  Wu Hsin. From the book ‘The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin’ translated by Roy Melvyn