The Limits of Thinking and the Vision Beyond



The Limits of Thinking and the Dire State of the World.

A matter of profound urgency – for everyone.

A while ago I became aware of the need to more deeply explore ‘thinking’, in order to find basic resolution to the urgent multiple problems of current daily living, and the dire state of the world. I have already touched on this in my articles on Relaxation and Meditation.

As I started to write it became apparent just what a vast and immensely important subject had been put before me – by Life.

I use the term ‘Life’ rather than ‘God’ because, to me, it feels more representative of the energy that is at the core of everything manifest, literally throughout the seemingly vastness of the universe. And maybe a term more initially acceptable to people who have lost touch with the sacredness of the life force within themselves.

And my first appraisal keeps requiring updating – and updating – and updating, such is the new realm of Life into which, it would appear, we are moving – into which we must move before we totally destroy both ourselves and the planet we depend on for our existence !! That is, if Life would allow us to stray that far?



Complexity, Diversity, Indivisibility, and how Wholeness enfolds all  …………. Is all.

Thinking – the root of the problem.

We live in a world fast being torn apart, solely as the result of thinking. Thinking, and the un-alive, all-consuming images/structures, egos, it creates, is the one and only source of the utter and increasing chaos rife in the world today. Thinking can only ever conceive in terms of separateness, fragmentation, isolationism, narrow view, set-ness, out of which is born the all too familiar and consuming fear for oneself, which in turn appears to justify self-interest, competition, exploitation, corruption, control, aggression, conflict, desolation, and everlasting deep pain and sadness.

The kind of thinking I’m referring to is that which is indoctrinated, and ungrounded, unrooted, unconscious, obsessive. There was a time when thinking was simply an instrument, used when necessary, not that which now constantly, obsessively controls, limits and distorts our perceptions of life.

Virtually every person is subject to thoughts which posses/obsess, to varying degrees. Thoughts give one the identity upon which we depend ( I am this, I am that, I am good, I am a failure – he should, she shouldn’t), all images we feel we have to defend and justify.

Anything that is set, in outlook, opinion, belief, custom, doctrine, and which is adhered to for the sense of security it falsely represents, is disconnected from the ever flowing energy of Life.

Consider the constant torrents of thoughts and words and their discordant, fragmentary images and energies, constantly being projected into Earth’s atmosphere by millions of people, all pulling in different directions – no sign of cohesion here. Images are like Mickey Mouse projected on a cinema screen, but one immediately recognises it’s very far from an amusing situation.

A prime example is competitive, divisive politics, one of the biggest exploitive con-tricks in the world, perpetrated upon and holding back an unquestioning but increasingly dissatisfied public, completely incapable of meeting the needs of the time.

Imagine the parts of your body having the same ego-based divisive, opinionated attitudes as currently prevails in the world – how could it possibly survive??

Interestingly, currently you may observe, the bigger the man-made structures, the product of thinking, images, and more to the point, self-gain, yet the more vulnerable they are becoming. And today we see many such structures, institutions, increasingly unviable, crashing into oblivion, or propped up for a time by governments, armaments, or other such interests not yet willing to recognise and accept the inevitable transformative times we are experiencing.

Ah, but do you see, there is nothing in creation that is not subject to rhythmic flow, or process. Whilst much of mankind might appear still to be steeped in materialism, dismissing any importance of conscious connection with inner being, things are constantly changing and from which no thing and no one is separate.

In reality, time now is for true leadership, that which humbly unites, not divides. Humility does not require staid rules and regulations to maintain superiority and control over masses of people. True leadership is flowing, self-less – humble, yet not intimidated.

 Humility, by its very nature, stems from the stillness within, therefore is consciously in touch with its spiritual roots – is about sensitive all-encompassing vision, wholeness – is complete, yet ever changing – profoundly inspiring.

Inspiring more and more people to recognise their own capacity and responsibility for quietly, humbly entering into the cohesive process of Life, literally, the only means to regeneration on this planet. By its very nature, an immensely powerful step forward!

And there is a parallel here, with the nature and function of herbs that we have worked with for so many years. Very subtly, herbs orchestrate the sick, dismembered parts of the individual into one of greater harmony. However, it should be noted, there are many so-called natural supplements, not naturally cohesive herbs, which do support one’s health to some extent but cannot directly contribute to the actual healing process.

Maybe difficult to understand at first, but the current transformational times are working towards new levels of cohesion by first breaking down all that is no longer sustainable, just as in a compost heap – veritably an inevitable function of Nature/Life!!

Be assured therefore – in parallel, at the same time, is quietly re-emerging – into our consciousness – the subtle, the un-quantifiable, the un-analysable, the un-controllable – the flowing – qualities of which we are – in the stillness, deep within.

However, it is to be acknowledged, such transformational times are hugely challenging, and mostly, to our way of seeing things, seemingly extremely slow in process, which demands continuous, patience and commitment. It demands our ability to progressively release our dependence on anything, other than Life itself (events, dreams and inner promptings constantly remind me of this necessity).

Transformation simply occurs as we are prepared to flow with this process – and, I can see, there are now increasing numbers who are humbly, quietly submitting themselves to this ongoing revolutionary process.



Solutions – Indivisibility (un-disconnectedness!)

A few months ago I awoke with a word, seemingly being thrust into my consciousness. That word was ‘indivisibility’. After a time of pondering I came to see indivisibility as representative of the actual, intimate, flowing, interwoven-ness of everything in manifestation – across all creation – such that nothing (no thing) can be actually identified in separateness or even therefore, exactness.

Everything is so much an intimate part of everything else – that even this statement fails to represent the actuality. As previously mentioned, everything is not ‘a part of’ – all IS one whole, which so robs us of any separation or objective identification that in REALITY, (which is not what we THINK it is) there is no separate north and south pole, no separate right from wrong, no black from white, no male from female, etc., etc., etc. We are realising duality in actuality, is a figment of our thinking, image making function – and is, without any shadow of doubt, an illusion. How does that feel?

So then ………. judgement, criticism, blame, opposition, attack of any thing, or anyone – is judgement, criticism, blame, opposition, attack of oneself. How does THAT feel?

To further illustrate – years ago a friend fell in love with the gentle voice of a receptionist he regularly spoke to on the phone.  He asked her out, but upon meeting her was so disappointed to find that she didn’t measure up to the romantic IMAGE he had unconsciously created of her.

Can you see how every thought is involved in creating images, not seeing the actuality? Can you see how the images inevitably violently clash with each other, and the actuality – and what utter chaos ensues – constantly. Lasting peace can never be reached in this way.

In actuality ….. ‘What is’…… is the only reality. Ponder that too – can you live with that – through the senses – in the moment – without attempt at analysis, or trying to judge, justify or change it.

So, resist/fight, glorify (objectify) anything and you enhance and energise it, a statement that signified for me, would you believe it, in a ‘Dr Who’ episode, whilst sitting with my then little son, one Saturday afternoon several decades ago.

For instance, therefore – SEE that ‘the fight against any disease’, amounts to civil war – one part of you against another. Disease is NOT an intruder from outside, can’t be – is simply a part of you, in NEED of trans-forming, into the harmony of the whole – and incidentally an exact parallel to the bible story of the lost sheep. NO-THING, NO ONE is ever rejected.

So – repeating yet again – we are in the process of being robbed of the fragmented world we thought was normality!!!  Robbed of the consuming idea/thought, out of fear, that to survive we need to be in control – instead being, ever so subtly, enticed into the stillness, simply trusting in the flowing process – of Life – which, in reality (the REAL reality), WE ARE.

In reality we are life – regularly ponder this, in the stillness of your being. STOP – give yourself space, to be aware of this – hear this – feel the sensation. Only here is involvement in Life, in its entirety – only here, is healing, a dissolving of all the discord – via the un-judgemental senses.

For instance, only without projection, being consciously present in the moment, can one realise, that which is seen as ‘global warming’, is actually of a cosmic movement, a rhythmic movement – flowing throughout the cosmos. It cannot be a separate event, ‘to be changed’, other than in the illusory world of the mind.

This apart from the colossal problem of fragmentation in thinking, which has brought about vast global pollution. BUT, only in the stillness can actual solutions eventually be perceived.


And Diversity ?

Incredibly, Life is a constantly flowing, ever unfolding, rhythmic process, containing seemingly limitless diversity and potential, countless systems within systems, most of which is yet to be realised by mankind – but not via thinking!!

Nevertheless, although most are unconscious of it, fundamentally we too are a wide and diverse complex of interrelated and interdependent functions, physically, and more subtly, psychologically and spiritually. To be whole and truly, actually alive it is necessary for us to consciously function in all spheres, in wholeness.

Again, further consider herbs and their inestimable value as a vital aspect of truest healing nourishment. Like your body, wild herbs comprise many interrelated and interdependent functions, in service to the function and well-being of the whole, and involved with or as the result of these functions, are a complex of nutrients, all in perfect, yet ongoing natural harmony, one with another, and which, if consumed, nourish us in the most perfectly comprehensive and balanced of ways, far beyond anything man could ever create. Wholeness nourishing potential wholeness.

In these hugely discordant, polluted times, it is of the utmost value to recognise that appropriate compounds of herbs do not only serve the healing process but taken daily, help to protect and maintain health, and support the transformational process. Probably the most valuable insurance available!

Personally I see a herb as a vast, vibrant, living universe of synergised movement, vibrant with (healing) potential, whilst I would see the constituents of any drug product, as a child robbed of most of its former component, essential natural family relationships, crippled, in need, sad and lost in a desert of disconnectedness and loneliness. What toxic, disruptive effect do these alien substances have on your body and your life, especially if taken long term ?



This brings me back to what is the one source of all things manifest – LIFE. Our little minds have been conditioned for centuries, to identify in separation, with good and bad – white and black – followers of one religion versus another, sadly, etc., etc. Yet we are coming to real-ise there is nothing that is not of the one source. Would that that recognition come more swiftly to humanity – to save so much suffering.

The more we are able to let go of the consuming energy of fear and anxiety and ‘holding on for dear life’ the more swiftly and easily – and perfectly – things will unfold and proceed (and still, in these so testing times there are occasions when I too have to be reminded of this)!!

How can the mind accept and embrace all of this?………. It can’t ……… unless it has been brought to the place of such humility, where, in the stillness, fear of the unknown and the unknowable begins to dissolve – enabling the establishment of a new, subtle awareness – in the moment – via the senses; atmosphere – hearing the sounds of Nature – flowing water, wind, bird song, insects, children’s voices; smell – of perfumed flowers – the soil after rain, and taste, touch, sight. And in-sight.

Some two thousand five hundred years ago, in ancient Greece, meditation had another name – ‘incubation’. Meanings of words change over time, but to me, just like an incubating egg, the word ‘incubation’ speaks of the burgeoning, transforming Life essence within – in the core stillness. Confusing maybe to the mechanical mind, nevertheless stillness is flowing process.

With regular incubation, one becomes more aware, more complete, which in turn transforms outlook and involvement in life, such that the way we have been living our lives appears more and more superficial, meaningless, and unbearable – without sustenance.

Gradually the old fragmentary thinking life is being replaced by a new sense perceived world of, a new indivisible wholeness of being – wholeness, oneness, which is everything – and is total security.

It is of great urgency that we recognise our thinking and our actions, all energetically influence our world, creatively or destructively. The world will change as we each are prepared to humbly open ourselves to the process of change. Where do you find you are in this matter?

What kind of life will we realise, as we flow with the unfolding consciousness within?

Having read this article, some may find it interesting but not yet inspired to take the matter any further. For others this may be so confirming that they are now prepared to commit, into more conscious participation, ‘letting Life guide them into ever deeper involvement’ in the transformational process.

For anyone earnestly interested in the foregoing I would suggest you read and re-read it when feeling the need. It took me some years to be able to understand all that has been written – and, to be living it – as much as I am able.

Such is the profoundly healing influence on all levels, bodily, mentally and emotionally, of regular relaxation/incubation/meditation, and which involves the process of deepening consciousness/awareness, I am now preparing to offer regular classes locally. If interested, please contact me – Tel: 01364 644 684, email:

P.S. I’m not writing a blog as such but am most happy to receive correspondence via emails, to which I will endeavour to respond and be of help where requested.